Artificial Humanity

Philip Larrey

An Essay on the Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

Speculation about artificial intelligence (AI) has reached a feverous pitch over the past ten years. Never before has such a technological theme captured the attention and imagination of a generation. How many articles in the popular press deal with this subject every day? How many movies have been produced by Hollywood provoking us and scaring us about the future of machines and AI? How many specialist conferences around the world deal with this issue? And finally, how much time, energy and money are being invested in this research, not only from the tech giants, but also governments?If you want to know more about AI from a philosophical point of view, this book is for you. Philip Larrey is a priest for the Diocese of Rome and Chair of Logic and Epistemology at the Pontifical Lateran University. He also serves as Chairman for the Humanity 2.0 Foundation. For many years he has been following the epistemological debate surrounding artificial intelligence from a philosophical point of view. He has written extensively on the impact of emergingtechnologies on human nature, as can be seen in Futuro Ignoto (also by IF Press) and Connected World (Penguin, 2017). Fr. Larrey is convinced that although advanced technologies will bring transformative changes to our age, they will also bring many beneficial advantages to all of humanity.

Philosophica, 29
2019, cm. 14,5x21, pp. 128
ISBN  978-88-6788-176-5
€ 10,00

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